Five Basic Features of Composition

There is no area within any composition that is as strong as its edge. The eye is greatly attracted to the place where the composition stops and the rest of the world begins. If interesting items in your composition are placed near a comer of your paper or canvas, the attraction is even stronger. Elements that draw attention to the edge or the comer of your paper or canvas Lend to direct the eye out of the composition, and for that reason important compositional elements are rarely placed in those areas. Besides edges, composition has four components: line, value, color, and texture. We will consider how each functions independently, and then look at how they work together as layers in a single composition.

The edge of the paper or canvas is one of the strongest parts of any composition. It is wise to avoid putting anything important at the edge because it will lead the eye away from the picture.

The eye is strongly attracted to corners. It is best not to further strengthen the corners by placing something interesting in them. To do so will lead the eye away from the picture.

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