Make two copies of the illustration shown below. On each copy, follow all the steps in the demonstration of two-point perspective, but in one use a low horizon line and in the other, a high horizon line.

Paste a photograph of a building or a photocopy of the one shown below on a large piece of paper. Follow the receding lines of the building and locate the vanishing points. It would also be useful to do this with a picture of an interior.

Make two copies or photocopies of this illustration. Follow the steps of the two-point perspective demonstration, but in one example use a horizon line that is low on the page (but not below the ground fine). In the other, place the horizon line higher on the page (but not higher than the picture plane).

Photocopy this photograph or find another similar photo of a building and place it on a large sheet of paper. Extend the roof and base lines of the building to discover the two vanishing points. The horizon line intersects these vanishing points and reveals the eye level of the camera. Notice how all the parallel lines of the building share the same vanishing points.

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